The Great New York Subway Map


(having finished the book and now examining the NYC subway map)…this is a blue line train to Farragut North. Next stop is Oakseen Avenue.  Oakseen Avenue? That’s actually a good name.  I’m coming up with new stops all the time.  My own bullet train line!

What’s this book about? New York subways and a designer

Who was the designer? Massimo

What was his job? To design things that are useful, like screens and computers and phones and maps

What did he believe was important about design? Simple things

What did he get asked to do? Make the New York Subway map look completely different.

How did he do it? By changing all the colors to different and simple ways how to switch and big stops for transfer and little stops for no transfers.

What was his inspiration? Spaghetti!

What country was Massimo from originally? It was England? 

Italy: Italy! I always get confused by London, England and Italy, like cause those all have the same letters in different spots

That’s true.  We’ll keep reading your atlas too! Would you recommend this book to other kids? Yes!

We should also note it has really awesome, beautiful pictures.  Wonderfully designed.

Yeah and also notice on the front cover you’ll see the Empire State Building.

Anything else you want the kids to know? uh…don’t get confused if you’re in the New York subway.  Always be with a grown up that knows best about New York Subway…

That’s very good advice.  …because you could actually get very lost.

That’s true. …and something bad could happen.  …like what?  How could you get lost and all that?

If you got separated from your parents it might be confusing to try to meet up with them again, especial if you’re a kid and you don’t have a phone.  But if you do get lost in the metro what do you do? Talk to a station manager!

Thank you and good night. …or someone that you know that works there.





What’s this about? Five little mouses

What are they doing? They’re getting ready for winter.

And what’s the problem? They think Frederick isn’t working, but he actually is.

What’s he working on? Colors, words and I forget the third one…

What’s important about his work? He keeps them warm and he does other stuff to imagine.

What was your favorite part? When Frederick told them all the stuff.

Does the character remind you of anything? me! cuz that’s my last name.

Anything else? Do you know anyone else who’s an artist? My teacher!

(clearly fishing…) Do you know anyone else who tells stories with lights and colors and words as their job? YOU!

Oh, me huh? that’s pretty cool. Do you think other kids should read this book? yeah!

Squids Will Be Squids


What did you think about this?  Joke Awesome!

What was your favorite part? my favorite part was when straw was told not to play with matches.

Do you have other favorite parts? Hand, tongue and foot because tongue goes crazy!  And I like meat stick too because at the end he goes “I have meat lips!!”

Meat lips are disgusting.  Did you learn anything? No.

Should other kids read it? Yes!

The Pout Pout Fish In The Big Big Dark


What’s it about? A fish going down into the deep black of the oceans because their sun can’t reach that far.

Why did he do that? to find miss clam’s pearl

How did it go for him? He was brave and nervous

What helped him find the pearl? His friend.

Did the book teach us anything? Be brave and stick with friends.

Do you have any examples of a time it was better to stick with a friend? When I’m not sure about going to a new thing….like the first day I started a new camp.

What made it better? My school friend was there.

Should other kids read this book?  yes.


The Mystery of Kill Devil Hills


What was this about? The Wright Brothers

What happened in the book? Flyer disappeared.

What’s Flyer? A copy of the Wright Brother’s plane.

Were there any scary parts? No.

Ok, nothing was scary? No.

Not even when the kids were in a hurricane? ok…maybe a little bit.

Did you learn anything from this book? I didn’t know the brothers flew the plane by hanging on.

Do you recommend the book? Yeah.

Walk This World


What’s it about? Exploring the world.

Where do you go? Tokyo, Japan, England, London, New York, Africa, Nigeria, Ecuador

It’s Brazil, I think.  Did you learn anything in this book? I. don’t. know.

What do you like best about this book? Opening the doors.

Yeah, it’s mostly a picture book right? So you have to learn what you learn from looking at the pictures.  Would you recommend it to other kids? Yeah.

Good Night, Good Night Construction Site


I wanna just do “meoooow”!

Did you like this book? meow!

Did you have a favorite part? mreow…mrow…mrowmrow

Were there any scary parts? Mrow morw

Was there anything that made you laugh? [affirmative] mrow!

What’s a kitten laugh sound like? mrow! mrow! mrrrrw!

Should other kids read the book? MROW!

Thank you.

Little Humans


Do you like this book? yes.

What’s it about? it’s about a man walking through New York city and uh asking little humans about their life.

What did we learn about little humans? they can do big things and they’re tough and they need love and friends and they can twirl.

What’s your favorite thing about this book? [searching through pages] that one!  He’s dressed as batman and the dog is Robin!

Should other kids read this one? yes!



How to Catch A Star


That book has really pretty pictures doesn’t it?  Does it make you feel happy or sad for the boy? Happy.

Did he find what he was looking for? Yeah

What was it?  A star.

How’d he get it? Um…he wanted to get a star and then he jumped up into the sky and he tried to reach it but he couldn’t and then he climbed onto the tree and he reached for it and then he didn’t find it and then he found a seagull and he tried to get him but he wouldn’t do it and he thought of a rocket ship but he only had a paper one and then he so he tried to save one but it wouldn’t do it and then he found one on the ocean and he tried to reach for it and he didn’t see it so he just walked home and when he was walking to the beach he found a star and brought it home.

That’s really nice.  What did you think of the pictures in the book? cool.

What did they make you think of? stars!

Do you recommend this book? yes!


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